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Sometimes we go on an adventure . . . sometimes the adventure comes to us.

There was no warning that a disaster was approaching. It hit hard and left behind a motherless child. 14 year old Bexleigh Blake takes her abandonment out on God when she demands that he prove he exists. 

So he does. But not in the way she wanted, or could ever imagine. Her eyes are opened to see the spiritual dark side. If this terrifying gift is not horrible enough, she realizes she must spy on it in order to save the village children from a disfiguring curse. 


This experience would recur throughout my life. Because of the depth of my emptiness, I had more space to fill with goodness. Because I sought goodness in all things and others, I connected deeply with people from all walks of life, and with places and things. And when I found God, read his beautiful word, and entered his community, my soul was finally satisfied, and God became my silver lining—the best part of me.

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