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To capture the light is to tap beauty—reveal the silver lining, the optimistic angle. It is the gathering of what remains to build new again.

"Yee Haw!" Our trail guide kicked his horse to a gallop, and my horse took flight—yes, we flew over the prairie, he and I. I felt the air in his lungs fill me and the rhythm of his hooves in my soul. We melted together—his mane in my fingers became my hand, his neck my neck, his breath my breath.

As we raced across that field, a window to my heart jarred open. Light flooded in and filled me with joy. I felt it rise within me, and the hands of God upon me, holding me steady to take it all in. He came to me at just the right time, and set my mind on what could be, and I knew I was going to be okay. 


Whatever is true

Whatever is noble

Whatever is right

Whatever is pure

Whatever is lovely

Whatever is admirable

If anything is excellent

or praiseworthy

think about such things

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